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Sports Rehab Therapy

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Why visit Ascent sports rehab therapy?

Ascent is one of a kind — Our facility is the Nation’s sole sports rehab therapy center of its kind. We specialize in technologies and methods that aid your body in regenerating through physical conditioning on a cellular level. Technologies and modern integrative research have identified several factors that regulate your body’s level of wellness and it’s chances of developing chronic conditions. Having optimal levels in blood flow, detoxification, oxygen, and nutrution specifically impact quality of life as we age.


Our Sports Rehab Therapy Technologies

At Ascent, we incorporate cutting-edge technologies to accomplish longevity & regeneration by increasing oxygen levels, maximizing blood flow to organs and aiding in the elimination of cellular waste. We strive to empower our sports rehab therapy clients in taking control of their personal well being, through available technologies that naturally, “trick” the body and mind to adapt and become stronger. We have customized regimens aimed at clients striving for general wellness, as well as those seeking improved athletic performance and recovery.